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CCTV Installation Repair & Service For as long as the human race has been around there have been people out there willing to carry out criminal activities for their own benefit

Nowadays we have systems in place which ensure that the majority of those people that carry out activities will end up getting caught, especially if they are shoplifting or causing criminal damage. If you don’t already have CCTV installed or if you have a system that needs a service then I suggest that you get in touch with us, we should be able to help you out right away.

Often when somebody has a CCTV system installed they don’t notice any unsavoury activity, this isn’t because you aren’t a prime target for criminal activities, but because people are less likely to carry out this sort of thing in an area that is covered by a CCTV System. Therefore the installation of this deterrent will ensure that stock loss is kept to an absolute minimum.

Many companies actually have a practical need for their CCTV system on a daily basis

Many of the companies that I have installed for use them to measure the amount of activity currently taking place on the floor of a business. This will help the managers decide whether they need to visit the floor in order to give assistance to other members of staff or whether it would be fine for them to hang around for a bit and carry out other types of important things that need to be done.

CCTV isn’t just useful for businesses however, more and more people are getting them installed outside of their households for an extra level of security. They are ideal not only to act as a deterrent, but to also check who is at your door before opening it, many of the people that I have spoken to have stated that they feel much more comfortable in a house that has a CCTV system installed. The majority of CCTV systems for households are well-priced nowadays, so I really do suggest getting in touch with us to find out what systems we are able to offer within your budget.

If you already have a CCTV system then from time to time you may need to have it repaired

Our experts are able to deal with almost all brands of CCTV and are able to identify most problems fairly easily. Our team will be able to get the system working again as soon as possible, for the lowest price possible. Remember, there is no use having a CCTV system that doesn’t work, most problems are fairly basic.

The best way to protect your business premises or house is through the installation of CCTV

Our company is able to install a complete system for you that will fit almost every budget. If you already have a CCTV system installed that is not acting its best then we will be able to repair it as well. Give us a call and I am sure that our company will be able to help.


Automotive Locksmith I am sure at least once in your life you have thought you have lost the keys to your car

Imagine that frantic search that ensues as you search everywhere possible, knowing that you left them in an exact place but they seemed to have wandered off somewhere else. Time moves incredibly slowly then, you probably would have found them in a few minutes, but all the time you are searching there is ideas going through your mind like ‘what if I have lost them for real?’ Well our company is here for those times when the keys just won’t ever turn up again, in the cases that they are lost forever. In those situations you have no option but to enlist the services of an automotive locksmith.

Losing keys permanently is a security issue

Imagine what would happen if someone could identify your vehicle from your keys, now they may actually give you the keys back, but a few people out there are a little unsavoury and instead you could be kissing goodbye to your vehicle for good. If the car was actually stolen as they had the keys then it will be very difficult to get your insurance company to make a pay-out. On top of all of this you will be unable to get into your vehicle if it is your only set of keys that has been lost. You will have no option but to hire an automotive locksmith who should be able to get you going as soon as possible.

An Automotive Locksmith works 24 hours a day, which means there will be hardly any waiting around for your car issues to be solved

The team will come to wherever your vehicle is located with all the tools required and begin work. They will then work hard to change the locks of your vehicle which will reduce the chances of it being stolen considerably. These aren’t the only services that an automotive locksmith is able to provide though; they will also be able to do the following:

  1. Repair a broken lock, for example if your keys don’t seem to be working in it.
  2. Activate a Central Locking System which seems to have failed.
  3. Create a new set of keys for you. Due to the high security nature of a vehicle only a few companies are able to replicate car keys. You will not be able to get them done in a high street shop, all you can do is get in touch with an automotive locksmith to get a new set cut. Remember, you should try to keep a spare set due to the fact that you never know when your current set will break.
  4. Clone Key Fob, this is much cheaper than going to the dealer direct.

If you have issues with the locking system of your car for any reason then you can do no better than get in touch with an Automotive Locksmith. We hope that you will never need to use one, but when you do, we are here to help.


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