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Window Guard Installation Having a baby is often one of the happiest times in any person’s life

There is nothing that we wouldn’t do for a baby. Many people unfortunately seem to overlook the installation of a window guard, no matter how high the building is, the window is a highly dangerous thing for a baby, therefore you will want to ensure that you eliminate this element of risk. This is a service that our company is able to provide for you.

So what is a Window Guard?

It is a sort of barrier that is placed around the outside of your window to ensure that nothing can get out or in via that method. Many people seem to think that ‘Window Guards’ can be fairly unattractive, our company has plenty of designs to choose from however. We are therefore pretty sure that we can provide something that will suit your particular tastes.

Children have prying eyes but no real sense of danger, therefore if your window is left open they will love to lean out and get a good view at the world below

The installation of a window guard will ensure that the risk of them falling out is reduced considerably. It also means that you will be able to leave your windows open for as long as possible without any real worry.

Of course, the Window Guard isn’t just for the benefit of your children. It means that you will have adequate protection from people that are looking to break into your house. Window Guards are impossible to remove via any normal means, and therefore you are basically limiting the amount of access points that you have on your property. We are able to install window guards both on commercial and residential premises, just give us a call for a quote.

The installation of window guards may actually contribute towards a reduction in both your commercial and homeowners insurance, get in touch with your provider and they should be able to tell you whether this is the case or not. This is down to the fact that essentially your premises is more protected from people, and therefore the risk of anything happen has been considerably reduced.

Most of the time we will be able to get your window guards installed and protecting your household quite quickly, just give us a call and we should have them installed the same day of your appointment.

Every year more than 4,000 accidents occur due to the lack of window guards on a household. Give the child the love and attention they deserve and do not let them become another statistic. Give us a call today and inquire about our Window Guard Installation service, I am sure you will be surprised at the range of Window Guards we have on offer, as well as the low prices and fantastic customer service that we provide ourselves on.


Residential Locksmith Imagine the situation where for some reason you are unable to get into your house, maybe your key has snapped in the lock, maybe you have lost the keys totally

Imagine another situation where somebody has gotten hold of a set of your keys and you are little worried about the security of your house. Nobody wants to be put in any of these situations, but when they do you will feel happy that you have a residential locksmith at your disposal to put any of these situations right again. Let’s take a little look at what type of things a locksmith is able to accomplish.

You should remember that being a locksmith is a highly specialised occupation

Many training courses need to be completed before you will be able to operate as a locksmith, let alone be able to access most of the locks that are at your disposal. Therefore you should always choose a company that has relevant qualifications, that way you can always ensure that your locks are in the hands of the right people.

The most common thing that a Residential Locksmith does is the cloning of keys

Sometimes you will simply just need a new set of keys to give to another person in your household or a family member. This is a simple job for a locksmith and they will have the keys ready for you incredibly quickly.

When you move into a new house you should always change every single lock in the building, not many people seem to do this and they are failing to realise that they are putting their security at risk. Imagine how many people may have access to your house. A Residential Locksmith will change all of the locks to get into the building, this will ensure that your house remains secure at all times of the day.

Now, let’s go back to the start a little. What would you do if you got locked out of your house or lost your keys? You would have no access to the building at all. Luckily, a residential locksmith will be able to get you back into that building no matter how dire the situation appears. For example, they will be able to fix situations where keys have broken in the lock, remove key cylinders that appear to have jammed, and of course get you back into the house without a key.

Once you are back in the house there are a number of things that a residential locksmith will be able to do:
  1. They will be able to replace the locks in your house if they are broken. Most of the time it isn’t necessary to replace every single lock in the house, just the broken one.
  2. Will be able to clone a replacement key for your house just by looking at the current locking system, this is an incredibly useful service as it means that when you lose your keys you will not have to pay high costs to change the locks.

A good residential locksmith will be on call 24/7 to help you get back into your building no matter what the situation, these guys work fast and it will just be a few hours before you will be relaxing in your house again. Yes, the situation can be stressful, but it can easily be solved if you put the right guys in charge.


Ignition Repair, Replacement & Installation

As you know, a car requires a key to operate, if you lose this key or the ignition system is broken then the car will not be able to remove. Most people at this point decide to call in mechanics to work on the problem, and whilst this does work it may not be the cheapest solution. I recommend instead getting in touch with a locksmith who offers services that will repair your ignition and get you on the road as soon as possible, generally the costs are much lower and they will be able to repair the problem at the side of the road without dragging you all the way to a garage, which of course will take a lot of time. Our services are for anybody that has a stuck or broken ignition, or any other problem that you would generally associate with this vital part of a car.

The majority of ignitions in vehicles nowadays are built to last, but unfortunately the sad fact of life is from time to time they may break due to situations out of your control

A professional company is able to narrow down what the problem is and repair the system for you, often if you tried to repair the problem yourself there would be hours just dedicated to the finding of the problem, and would you know what to do once you have found out what it is?

Sometimes the situation may be irreparable, and for that reason you will need to get a replacement ignition installed

We will be able to source the right ignition system for your car and install it incredibly quickly, which again will ensure that you are driving on that road in the quickest time possible. In certain situations your car may need to be towed to be repaired, but we do try to avoid this as much as possible and in most situations it will be possible to repair your vehicle at the side of the road.

It should be worth noting that most ignition problems are a quick fix, often these won’t require your car to be towed at all. A good automotive locksmith will be able to establish the cause of the problem within a matter of minutes, after that they will be able to restore life back into your ignition system within another few minutes.

I never suggest doing something with your ignition by yourself. It is actually incredibly dangerous and if you don’t follow correct procedures you could end up electrocuting yourself, or you may even end up making the situation worse, in which case you will need to call in a locksmith anyway, and the cost will be even higher than it would have done.

If you notice that you have a problem with your car’s ignition then don’t go running to a mechanic, the costs are normally astronomical.

I instead suggest that you give us a call and we will get you on the road as quickly and easily as possible without making a real dent in your finances.   


24/7 Emergency Lockout Assistance Imagine being locked out of your house in the small hours of the morning with no other key holder close by to allow you access into your house. You may be locked out due to the fact that you have lost your keys, or something has totally gone wrong with the locks which makes it difficult for you to open them up. This can be a highly stressful time, and it is something that we wish would never happen to us, luckily help is at hand and there are plenty of companies out there offering 24/7 Emergency Lockout Assistance which will get you back into your house no matter what time of day it is.

An Emergency Lockout Assistance Company will able to do anything that you require

One of their most popular services is for people that lose their keys. Using special techniques the locksmith is able to gain access to your property without damaging your locks. They will then be able to create a duplicate set of keys just by looking at the way that your lock has been coded. Make sure that you choose a decent and reputable locksmith however. There are plenty of companies out there that will destroy your lock, and this isn’t needed. All it will be doing is creating additional costs for you when you need to replace the lock, which of course is another element of stress you don’t want to deal with.

Another situation you may encounter is that from time to time your locks will wear out, this is in the very nature of them as nothing can last forever

The inconvenience comes late at night when it is making it difficult to get into your household. Therefore you may need to acquire the services of someone offering 24/7 Emergency Lockout Assistance.

If the locks are broken a locksmith will be able to replace all of the ones inside your house, which will allow you to get back into your household quickly and easily, sure, the cost may be a tiny bit high but it is the only way in which you are going to be able to restore access to your property as soon as possible.

The benefits of an emergency locksmith mean that you will not be hanging around for hours to wait for one to become available

It also means that you do not have to leave your property at any time, sometimes when you lose keys there will be somebody wanting to use them to gain access to your house. If you hang around nobody will be able to gain access to your property.

If you are locked out from your property at night then you will want to get in touch with a company offering 24/7 Emergency Lockout Assistance as soon as possible

This will ensure that you will gain access to your property as soon as possible, it will also guarantee that your property remains safe at all times, after all, there is nothing more important that the possessions that reside within those four walls.


Commercial Locksmith Inside of every commercial premises is thousands, or perhaps even millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and stock. Have you ever questioned the security of the building? Or perhaps you have moved to new premises and have wondered whether you change the locks. If the answer is yes to any of these questions then a commercial locksmith may provide the solution to your problems, let’s take a look at a few of these services that they provide, as well as a look at what other things that the company is able to do for you.

One of the most common services that a commercial locksmith has to deal with on a day to day basis is the replacement of locks due to them becoming old or worn

Keys may also have broken in them due to this, and they are often very difficult to remove without a professional there to help you. If you don’t replace old locks then you are compromising the security of your building, which of course would mean that people could easily get in and steal anything they want to get their hands on. Sometimes the insurance won’t pay out if you knew that the security system of your building was weak.

A commercial locksmith will also be able to cut you duplicate keys for your locks

They can either work from a current version or if you have lost the keys create it by looking at the lock that you have installed in your building. Sometimes keys for buildings are ‘security keys’ and traditional key cutters that you find in high streets will be unable to duplicate them.

Many people seem to not do this, but whenever you move into new premises it is absolutely vital that you change the locks

Do you even know how many people may still have keys to the building given to them by the old owner? Whilst some may be fine, there are plenty of people that will try to gain access to your building, and of course that will not be good for the business at all.

Take a look around your commercial premises now. You have the obvious access points to your building such as the doors, which most likely have locks installed already. Have you thought about the windows that may provide an access point for any unsavoury people? Most businesses haven’t and those that carry out burglaries know that. So why not hire a commercial locksmith to help protect all entrance points in your building.

On top of all of these services a commercial locksmith is able to carry out some larger jobs. A good one will be able to create complete access systems to your building, this will ensure that it is protected as well as it can be at all times. There are some contractors out there that will be able to do this, but often you will able to save considerable amounts of money by going direct to a locksmith.

If you want to keep your commercial premises protected fully then you should look into a hiring a commercial locksmith

We will be able to help ensure that nobody will be able to get into your building apart from you and your staff whilst it is closed. The work we do may even contribute towards a reduction in business insurance premiums.


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